Bridport Honky Tonk Stompers


We are a small but enthusiastic group of linedancers who meet weekly in Bridport, Dorset. Our venue is the WI Hall, North St Bridport. We are led by Anne, who does her best to keep us under control.  This is not an easy task as, although we take the dancing seriously, we don’t always take ourselves seriously and have been known to collapse in fits of giggles, actually we do this at least once a week.

As a group we have moved around a bit, we danced in Bridport then had to change our venue to Beaminster, we are now back in Bridport and hope to stay there.  Due to the changes we have also had name changes, starting off as Bridport Honkytonk Stompers, then becoming Honkeytonk Stompers, after our move back to Bridport where we amalgamated with another group we are now known as  The Honkytonk Kickers.

AnnI have often wondered whether it was a premonition to call us Honky-tonk Stompers, looking at the thesaurus definition from you will see that we may be aptly named depending upon whether we are a noun or an adjective!!!  The main thing is we learn dances, get some exercise, enjoy the music and have a good evening.Marathon Cheque

On a more serious note, we danced a ‘marathon’ in February 2007. This was a carefully worked out programme of dances that, when the number of steps taken in each dance was added up it equaled the 26 miles and 385 yards of an Olympic  marathon.  14 of our dancers completed the distance in 7 hours of dancing whilst the rest managed over 20 miles each.  We raised £2250 for the Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance.

We have attended several Line Dance Weekends and have a few more lined up.  

We also give short demonstrations for the elderly, usually around Christmas time.  Our latest venture was to dance at a local fete, again helping to raise money for the Air Ambulance.


Class times:        Tuesday evenings    -
                                Absolute Beginners/Easy Dances        7.00pm-8.00pm

                                Improvers                                                 8.00pm-9.00pm    
                                Requests                                                    9.00pm-9.30pm                



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